Magazine article published this week – all about my Grey Hair!

I was delighted to be asked to write an article for the Menopause life magazine this month all about my grey hair and the ironic meaning of my name ‘Zephanie’!

It’s an evidence based researched magazine with hints and tips on self care around the menopause. If you would like to get your hands on a FREE digital copy go here and type in ‘WRITERSFREE’ for a FREE copy:

My next show is coming up tomorrow in the New Theatre Royal Lincoln. It seems to have been ages since this was booked and it’s a big venue. The staff are lovely and have been significant in helping me on my journey with advice and support for a new performer. If you would like to come and support me and have a ‘Knicker drenching laugh’ (someone confessed they wee’d on the seat in Stamford!) then book below. (Use code NHS-15) if you are an NHS worker. Hope to see you there!

In other news, i’m designing a range of t-shirts. Don’t be discouraged by the fact I didn’t do art at school! Every part of this journey has been a steep learning curve and i’m enjoying getting to grips with video editing software, website management, Adobe photoshop, theatre booking and not forgetting actually stepping out on a stage as a comedian after 34 years incarcerated in the NHS!

To quote a rather well known chain of burgers and milkshakes… ‘I’m lovin’ it!’!

Stamford Arts Centre – March 7th to celebrate International Women’s day.

I thoroughly enjoyed performing to a sold out auditorium at Stamford Arts Centre. Men and women shouting ‘DRY VAGINA’ and laughing hysterically at the opportunity to exercise their pelvic floors. Someone even confessed they had done a wee on their seat. I should have informed the theatre staff… ahem!

Stamford were a brilliant audience and we celebrated the silver ‘Hollywood’ type sign outside their local ALDI . People went home and booked straight away for Peterborough Key theatre which is great news as I continue to spread the word about empowering women to look after their health by normalising the normal life stage that is menopause.

Next stop for me is NEW THEATRE ROYAL in LINCOLN on 18th April (You can book on here under TOUR) where I will be asking… ‘What’s your’s called?’ Stamford couldn’t remember but the runners up were ‘Sponge’ and ‘Dave’…

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