Zeph Churchill Now on Tour Menopause Stand Up
Zeph Churchill Now on Tour Menopause Stand Up
Zeph Churchill Now on Tour Menopause Stand Up
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18th April @ New Theatre Royal, Lincoln
24th May @ Key Theatre, Peterborough
30th May @ Queen’s Theatre Barnstaple
6th July Little theatre Sheringham
20th September Riverhead Theatre Louth
25th September Guildhall Arts Centre Grantham
18th October Castor Village hall WEAR IT PINK!

pop a patch on and pucker up your pelvic floor
for the menopause show you didn’t know you needed!

Zeph Churchill, the nurse on a mission to make menopause easier for women. Zeph is passionate about improving the lives of menopausal women, and she’s tired of the outdated advice of “just take your cardigan off” and “throw a Tupperware party.” She wants to bring attention to this normal stage of life and make it humorous and educational through her stand-up comedy, songs, and demonstrations.

With her Brownie Badge for being a “Moody Cow” and her specialisation in menopause, Zeph knows exactly how to “normalise the normal” and make you laugh until your mascara runs. Her goal is to answer all those burning questions you may have about menopause, such as “why do I want to kill my husband?” and “did you put my libido out with the garbage, dear?”

Video by Kitt Hÿtch

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some audience members had to say…

“Knicker-drenchingly good!”

“I laughed so hard my face hurt. Bravo!”

“It was amazing, hilarious and informative at the same time.”

“Zeph was wonderful”

“My mother and I haven’t laughed so much in ages.”

I absolutely loved your show last night..what a brilliantly, irreverent way to deliver serious health promotion messages, while making me laugh so hard the tears ran down my legs!! Thank goodness for the goody bag!! So many highlights..the smear song and the popping candy gag up there though xx

You are awesome. Your one-woman show was a wonderful mix of fun and facts, delivered with all the warmth and confidence of a seasoned performer. To be able to move effortlessly from hysterical humour to serious medical advice is a true gift, and who else in the world could have had the whole audience shouting “dry vagina!”. Brilliant.