New Theatre Royal Lincoln 18th April

I’m still pinching myself from last night’s performance to 200+ people in the most stunning venue of the New Theatre Royal in Lincoln. The staff were incredibly helpful and kind and the audience laughed so much their faces hurt and joined in with all-sorts. I even got a bit of an ovation! This was such an enjoyable performance I felt like I was holding court in my own front room. Thank you everyone who came and made it a fantastic night.

Here I am discussing the virtues of a good fitting bra:

In other news from the evening, I need to announce that the winner of the Golden Vulva award (by audience vote) was …..

FLANGELA‘! (Short for Flangelina -Hole!)

Apparently on arriving home the children of said winner were disappointed to say the least when they unpacked mum’s prize bag and found a golden vulva, pack of Jude pads, Jude supplement, Peachie Supplement and Yes Vaginal moisturisers and lubricants! Only item worth them having was the popping candy. And if you want to know why there was popping candy in the goody bag… you need to come to a show!

Next stop – Peterborough Key Theatre May 24th. You can book on this site – just go to my TOUR page.

I woke up to this fabulous review from the Artistic Director of NTR Lincoln and i’m definitely going back!

Thank you Lincoln!


March 7th to celebrate International Women’s day.

I thoroughly enjoyed performing to a sold out auditorium at Stamford Arts Centre. Men and women shouting ‘DRY VAGINA’ and laughing hysterically at the opportunity to exercise their pelvic floors. Someone even confessed they had done a wee on their seat. I should have informed the theatre staff… ahem!

Stamford were a brilliant audience and we celebrated the silver ‘Hollywood’ type sign outside their local ALDI . People went home and booked straight away for Peterborough Key theatre which is great news as I continue to spread the word about empowering women to look after their health by normalising the normal life stage that is menopause.

Next stop for me is NEW THEATRE ROYAL in LINCOLN on 18th April (You can book on here under TOUR) where I will be asking… ‘What’s your’s called?’ Stamford couldn’t remember but the runners up were ‘Sponge’ and ‘Dave’…

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