I’m coming to Norfolk!

Actually I grew up in Norfolk and i’m identifiable by my faint South Norfolk accent when I’ve been there for about 10 minutes! It’s a beautiful part of the world and this week i’m off to the seaside in SHERINGHAM (or SHEZZA) as my friend calls it.  I’m really looking forward to the premier of a song i’ve written this week about Victorian hysteria and how it was treated by Doctors in the 1800’s. Of course there will be the most exciting opportunity to win my ‘Golden Vulva award’ so get thinking about ‘what’s your’s called?’. It will be way more exciting than England playing football and as I read the other day, it’s a shame Gareth Southgate is playing the England Second team, rather than the first team… the ladies! Ha! That did make me laugh.

If you fancy bringing your bucket and spade and having a ‘knicker drenchingly good laugh’ at something other than the England Football team on Saturday night, then book here:


Up for some laughs while learning something new? Check out “Is it Me or Is it Hot in Here?”, the popular comedy-education show by Zeph Churchill that’s making waves in the UK. It’s a delightful blend of humour and information about menopause.

Making Menopause Fun. Menopause is a universal experience for women, yet it’s often shrouded in mystery. Zeph Churchill, with her witty British humour, turns this topic into something fun and memorable. Mixing education with laughter not only helps us learn but also makes the experience enjoyable.

Laugh and Learn. ”Is it Me or Is it Hot in Here?” isn’t just another comedy show. It’s packed with funny songs, entertaining stories, and live demonstrations, like breast exams with giant knitted boobs! Zeph, a nurse with 34 years of experience, brings authenticity and a wealth of knowledge, spiced with a touch of Victoria Wood-esque humour.

Empowerment Through Laughter. But it’s more than just laughs. Zeph’s goal is to empower everyone with a better understanding of menopause, promoting health and self-confidence. By talking about menopause openly and humorously, she’s building a community where acceptance and understanding thrive.

Who Should Watch?. If you’re a woman over 35 who loves a good laugh and perhaps a glass of wine and crips for supper, this show is for you. And men, if you want to support your partners through menopause, you’ll find it insightful and entertaining too.

Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Head over to Zeph Churchill’s website at zephchurchill.com/tour to grab your tickets. Follow her on Instagram @zeph-menopause for updates and a peek behind the scenes.

So, why wait? Get your friends together, grab your tickets, and prepare to laugh till you cry with Zeph Churchill in “Is it Me or Is it Hot in Here?” Who knew menopause could be this entertaining?

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