Barnstaple – or was it the Bermuda triangle?!

After a good, but slow 5 1/2 hour journey down to Barnstaple and booking into my very HOT and not unlike “Crossroads Motel”, I enjoyed a good ol’ mooch around the shops of Barnstaple – what a lovely quintessentially British town. Dogs were allowed everywhere, I enjoyed a guilt free cream tea (I understand they remove all the calories from scones, jam and cream in Devon but they unfortunately accumulate through time and transport to Lincolnshire…) and a browse round the vast amount of shops that would interest a menopausal woman: Cake shops, coffee shops, Fat face, charity shops. Of note there were no stripy tops for sale… because everyone was wearing them, even me! I have pronounced Barnstaple the Stripy topped capital of the UK, so far…

The audience was incredibly receptive, and it was lovely that women shook my hand after the show and waited at the stage door to thank me for such an important show, and affording me the encouragement to ‘carry on’ They expressed how much the show meant to them and how they wished they had head my message years ago.  The staff at Queen’s Theatre Barnstaple & the Theatre crew were fantastic – very supportive AND kept my show playlist on loop as they were singing along to it. It’s very 80’s & 90’s empowerment music from thirty or FORTY YEARS AGO ! I’m a screamingly menopausal woman who has only just realised that same music holds as just as much empowerment today, yet it has taken nearly 50 years to come to that conclusion! Embrace your inner empowerment music ladies – oh and then practice your pelvic floor exercises to it!

Here I am waiting to go on stage:

It was a fabulous show and the winner of my Golden Vulva award was a fraught battle between ‘My husband calls it my Clematis’ (Incorrectly pronounced by me as ‘ClemAtis, not clematis as is the colloquial in Devon) and ‘Bermuda Triangle – I once lost a Tampon up there…’. I think due to my mispronunciation of Clematis, the Bermuda triangle won and now goes onto the leaderboard. Watch out on here later in the year when you will have an opportunity to vote for your favourite and win a goody bag!

Next stop Sheringham Little Theatre on July 6th 2024


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