OOO Peterborough!

What a great night at The Key Theatre Peterborough. The audience were fantastic and laughed and laughed – especially at their own ‘Silver Vulva ‘ on Bishop’s road! It’s not quite my ‘Golden Vulva’ which was won by MY SON Gareth! Unbelievable.  Since starting this show he refused to come and watch incase I called him onto the stage (That doesn’t happen in the show). After much convincing he did attend (as far back in the audience as he possibly could) and  managed to come up with the audience vote for ‘What’s your’s called – Golden vulva award with ‘GWEN STUFFINME’! Honestly. At least he had the good grace to give the contents of his goody bag – Jude pads & supplements, Yes vaginal moisturisers and lubricants, Peachie supplement, the Golden Vulva award, breast checking card and info from Coppafeel to a heavily menopausal friend. Gratitude dripped off her as much as the sweat from her hot flush! She can no longer complain about her ‘DRY VAGINA’ either…

It was a great night and i’m off to Barnstaple next for a seaside show!

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